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Many people are unaware that are able to make a compensation claim after suffering from hairdresser negligence. It is, however, possible for Macks Solicitors to prepare a good case for you, especially if you can provide evidence which indicates professional negligence or shows damage to the hair, scalp or skin.

Hair PictureIf you have suffered from physical or psychological injury as the result of hair treatment that has been incorrectly applied, prepared or carried out without the benefit of a skin test, it would certainly be worthwhile speaking to one of our legal experts.  Our solicitors can give you their opinion on whether or not you have a valid case to claim compensation for your injuries.

Macks Solicitors is a successful law firm with specialist personal injury lawyers and support staff who are dedicated to delivering the very best quality and caring service. By contacting Macks Solicitors, you can be sure of expert advice from a skilled lawyer who will hold an informal discussion with you and then let you know if they believe that you have a genuine claim for compensation. After receiving an explanation of how your claim will be handled and financed, you can choose if you would like Macks to work on your behalf.

You will be represented by a specialist solicitor who is trained to investigate, negotiate and, if necessary, litigate your claim. We will keep you informed of progress throughout the process.  After the trauma of your problems with your hair, we understand you will want your claim to be as hassle-free as possible and so we are dedicated to providing you excellent customer-service and working to your convenience.


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Hair PictureDamages that will be included in any claim are:


General Damages – Claimed for the pain and suffering caused by the initial injury and any continuing suffering or disability. Also included in general damages is any loss of amenity (enjoyment of life) such as being unable to pursue a hobby or sport as a result of the injury.


Special Damages – Financial losses and expenses caused by the injury are claimed for as special damages. For example loss of earnings, the cost of any care given whether unpaid care given by friends and family or professional nursing care, travelling costs for treatment or rehabilitation, the cost of any prescriptions or over the counter medicines and the cost of specialist equipment. Wage slips and receipts will be required to support any claim for special damages.


If you would like advice from an expert solicitor who will provide a stress-free, professional service and aim to achieve the maximum compensation that you deserve, contact Macks Solicitors on Freephone 0800 980 9389 or 01642 252828.  Alternatively complete the online claim form for a speedy response. If you are interested in receiving an estimate of the amount of compensation you could receive by making a claim, use our Claim Calculator before contacting us.