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Contrary to popular belief dandruff is not a dry scalp but actually the excessive shedding of outermost cells as oily flakes. Most people are affected by dandruff at some point in their lives but in the majority of cases it is temporary and fluctuating.



Small white oily flakes of skin from the scalp falling off into the hair on onto the shoulders

Often itching and scaling on the scalp



Hair PictureDandruff can be stimulated by micro-organisms that are normally present in the scalp. Our skin secretes sebum which controls the level of the organisms present, but if there are any adverse changes to the secretions the micro-organisms are able to flourish making the scalp produce the dandruff flakes faster. The speed of production and the increase in the amount sebum produced makes the flakes oily so that they stick the scalp. Some of the reasons for an adverse change could be:

Poor blood circulation

Improper diet

Use of strong shampoo

Insufficient rinsing of hair after shampooing.


Hormone changes

Cosmetic products

Poor hygiene




Since dandruff is actually a problem of an oily scalp massaging oils into the scalp or using similar hot oil treatments won’t help and will only compound the problem further. Instead it can be treated by special shampoos and leave-in scalp tonics and just by keeping the scalp clean.

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