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Bubble Hair




Bubble hair is an irreversible hair-shaft deformity. Under the microscope, bubble-shapes can be seen in each piece of hair; these are gas-filled cavities.  It is associated with the use of heated appliances and is generally recognised by weak, brittle hair that breaks at a point where there is a notable distortion in the hair.




Dry hair

Damaged hair

Weak hair

Brittle hair


Often straight or stiff




Using using heating appliances such as flat irons, curlers and in some cases hair dryers. Since these appliances work at about 120-180°C if they are put on wet hair the hair will boil. Boiling water softens keratin, which is the main protein component in hair, inside the cortex which is in the middle of the hair shaft. The steam from the boiling water expands and forms tiny bubbles in the hair, so the hair becomes damaged and dry and breaks off.

The excessive use of heated styling appliances on damp hair.




Bubble hair is irreversible.

Avoid blow drying wet hair, leave it to air dry before applying heat

When drying hair, try to use a medium rather than high heat

Avoid using heated appliances on hair to prevent further damage

Cut the hair to remove any split ends or areas to avoid their breakage


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