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Hairdressing Accidents – What Should I Do?


Hair disasters may be common in the home but we do not expect them to be so at the hairdressers. Whether it is a bad haircut, a perm being mishandled or a failure to do a patch test before applying hair dye, it is unacceptable for hairdressers to neglect their customers’ welfare. Poor conduct of hairdressers can lead to distress and injury that the customer had not envisaged when they booked the appointment.

One of the largest problems facing us when we find our ‘hair gone wrong’ is that hairdressing remains an unregulated profession in the UK. Anyone can set up a business or call themselves a hairdresser.  Whilst the Hairdressing Council is a voluntary registration scheme that hairdressers can choose to join, only 10,000 out of an approximate 130,000 UK hairdressers are actually registered. According to the Hairdressing Council, this can cause problems with consumer risk.


‘While many consumers no doubt chance upon good stylists, others stray into the hands of incompetent operators and have experiences ranging from overpriced and unsatisfactory services to damaged hair and even injured scalp and facial tissue.’



Consequently, any sufferings from hairdressing negligence that cannot be resolved between you and your hairdresser requires legal action. You do not have to suffer for the poor consideration shown to you by your hairdresser. At Macks Solicitors, we are 100% committed to providing a quality caring service and getting you the compensation you need.

Please follow the instructions below before filling in an online claim form:

  • Make sure you take clear photographic evidence of any damage to the hair and scalp.  This should be done at the earliest opportunity particularly before any further treatment has been used to try and rectify the damage.
  • Consult your GP/hospital to have the injuries examined.
  • Speak with your hairdresser and advise them of the damage you have suffered.
  • Contact Macks Solicitors who will be able to offer you the best advice available.  Our dedicated, specialist team of lawyers and support staff are committed to offering you the very best care when you need legal help.


Gaining medical attention for an allergic reaction, scalp or skin problems is vastly important for your health and safety.  If your hairdresser attempts to convince you that any irritation or burning sensation is usual after you hair procedure, do not think of them as an expert and consult your doctor as soon as possible. A hairdresser who is aware of their negligence will not want to admit they have made a mistake or that you do indeed have a problem. Your primary concern should be your own well-being and you should not feel guilty for reporting a problem or seeking to achieve the compensation you are entitled to.

At Macks Solicitors, we are concerned with your welfare. If you have been subjected to hairdressing negligence, your consequential stress or anxiety is likely to be great. Our experts are here to help you get through what can be a painful process of loss of confidence and self-esteem. We can help with more than your financial needs by advising you on the best places to get specialist treatment.  Having access to leading medical experts means we can help you in every aspect of your claim. For example, we can consult clinical practitioners in Trichology, who can help you get back on your feet as well as be fundamentally useful in obtaining evidence for your compensation claim.  If you would prefer to talk to us over the phone, call Free phone 0800 980 9386 or 01642 252828 for our expert advice. Alternatively, access and consult our website at or use our online claim form for a quick and hassle-free approach to your claim.