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Colouring Disasters



Colouring Hair PictureChanging your hair colour is a quick, creative way of changing your image that has a massive impact on the way other people see you. Often it is refreshing and fun to create a ‘new’ you even if it is only temporarily.  With a multitude of available colours, both those that stand out and those that are more natural looking shades, hair dye now caters for every taste and personality.  Each year, more and more of us choose to change our hair colour and many are very pleased with the result.  At the same time, when it all goes wrong your confidence and self-esteem can plummet. You still find you have everybody’s attention, but for all the wrong reasons.  You are left feeling embarrassed and humiliated just a short time after you had been excitedly discussing potential colours and hairstyles. This is an experience that many struggle to deal with, and hits a person’s self-confidence harder than they could have imagined.

One unfortunate customer who visited her hairdresser had an inch and half of re-growth and wanted to match the rest of her long, coloured, dark brown hair to her light brown roots. Her stylist was unable to match her roots so she decided to lift the colour using bleach. Unfortunately the bleach was left on for too long under a hot drier and her hair was effectively fried and began to fall out, she also found later that her hair retains water and now takes about six hours to dry and feels like ‘rubber’ when it does. This woman now has severe chemical damage to her hair which can only really be remedied by letting it grow out or cutting it off. In the mean time her hair is a ‘horrid’ colour, which the stylist later attempted to shade but only managed to turn a ‘light-reddish-mud brown.’

Colouring Hair PictureIn a similar scenario, a woman went to her salon to get her naturally medium brown hair with blonde highlights dyed to all over blonde. In this case the stylist agreed and mixed up the colour, applied it and left her while the colour processed. However, the woman soon noticed that the top of her hair was turning a ‘neon orangey gold’ colour while the ends remained dark. When she pointed this out to the stylist he commented that it was ‘weird’ and tried to put a toner on it, but this just resulted in her hair turning ‘the crayola colour: marigold’ at the top, while the ends stayed dark with blonde highlights which generally looked brassy. The next day, to sort it out, the unfortunate customer went back and explained the problem with to the manager. However the hairdresser only managed to recolour it a ‘lighter brassy red-blonde colour’.

There are many types of colouring disasters after a visit to the hairdressers. If your hair has been left a colour you didn’t choose, your hair condition significantly worsened or you have suffered from an allergic reaction to hair dye, you will be left traumatised and upset by the consequences. If you are visiting a hair salon, colouring your hair shouldn’t be a scary and risky procedure. You should be able to relax knowing your hair is in safe hands and will be treated with a level of consideration and care you would expect from any customer-focused profession. While many hairdressers perform colourings to their customers’ satisfactions, those that don’t should not be allowed to walk away and leave you dealing with the consequences.

Claim Now ButtonIf you or someone you know has had a colouring disaster at the hands of a negligent hairdresser, you will naturally be very distressed and upset.  A step you took to boost your appearance and self-esteem has left you uncomfortable with attracting attention and feeling humiliated. The impact of chemical burns and allergic reactions to hair dye can be yet more disappointing.  If you wish to receive expert advice from Macks Solicitors and help with any similar situation, call Free phone 0800 980 9386 or 01642 252828 now for a no obligation initial conversation. If you would prefer, visit our website at and complete our online claim form. Macks Solicitors are willing to give you expert advice on making a compensation claim for any extra expenses and emotional and physical injuries you have contracted through your colouring disaster.  Our friendly and approachable solicitors will help to make your case as hassle-free and convenient to you as possible and to put their all into obtaining the compensation you deserve.