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The Problem with Perms


Perm Hair PicturePerms are an easy method of achieving long-lasting curls and are a popular fashion hairstyle.  Whether you want tight curls for a long period of time or to achieve loose waves for a special occasion, many people would opt to have their hair permed. While many perms are performed successfully and the results desirable, we should remember that they are damaging to the hair and that sometimes even professionals get them wrong. The results of mistakes can be disastrous to the health of your hair and to your confidence.

There are numerous ways in which your perm can be done incorrectly. Make sure your hair stylist:

  • Checks that there were no cuts or irritation already on your scalp before beginning the perm
  • Checks whether or not your hair has been relaxed previously. A perm should only be done on unrelaxed hair otherwise it will damage it.
  • Performs a patch test before applying the solution. This is important because it is used to check that your skin does not have a reaction to the solution about to be used.
  • Uses a protective petroleum “base-cream” and applies it fully and correctly. This stage is vital as the cream protects the scalp from the chemicals so that they don’t irritate, burn or blister the skin.
  • Makes sure that your hair was completely dry before applying chemicals.
  • Fully removes the chemicals afterwards the above step. If some of the chemical is left on then it can come into contact with the skin and cause irritation or burning.
  • Uses warm water to rinse out the chemicals and not hot or cold
  • Does not leave the chemicals on for too long. If the hairdresser does so, the perm will be over processed and cause damage to your hair.
  • Neutralizes your hair and properly. This stops the perming process in order to restore the pH balance otherwise your hair will be weakened further.
  • Does not pull, tug or comb your hair excessively during this process. Hair is already fragile during this process so this will damage it further.


When you perm your hair, the disulphide bonds inside the hair shaft, which are holding the hair in its shape, need to be broken. When hair is put onto rollers, the disulphide bonds reform.Hair Picture

If you have found yourself in any of the above situations, you may be able to claim compensation for any extra hair appointments or treatments you have had in order to rectify the mistakes as well as for the humiliation and embarrassment you may have felt while your hair was recovering. Having your hair done should not be traumatic, and you should feel able to do something about it if it is.

If you’d like to receive expert legal advice from Macks Solicitors, call Free phone 0800 980 9386 or 01642 252828 or alternatively visit our website at and complete the  online claim form. Macks Solicitors are concerned with your welfare and so will be happy to give you expert advice about making a compensation claim. Our experts have vast experience of hairdressing negligence claims and are friendly and approachable. If you are concerned about the problems you have experienced through a badly conducted perm, Macks Solicitors should be your first point of call.

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