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Haircuts from Hell


Trying something new? Whether it’s a special occasion, a fresh start or you just fancied a change, having your hair styled is normally a quick and easy way of creating a new image for yourself and boosting your confidence. But when a dream hairstyle goes wrong, you can be faced with a long-lasting nightmare. We all know that braving the world on a bad-hair-day let alone after a disastrous haircut can be horrible. Broken confidence and public humiliation are certainly not what you pay for.

Hair PictureIt is perfectly normal in today’s busy modern lifestyle to occasionally neglect having your regular haircut and then being in desperate need of a good, if simple, tidy-up.  On these occasions, for many of us we merely need to inform our hairdresser that we’d like ‘just a trim’ or ‘just the ends off’.  However, we are all aware of how risky this can be, particularly with a new hairdresser. Most of you will have received at least one haircut from hell, and we usually grin and bear it.  But do we have to?

A woman with long layered hair complained that her ends had become a bit ‘raggy’.  In desperate desire of a trim, she went to a different hairdresser to usual at her salon.  The woman was clear that she wanted to get rid of the dead ends but ‘leave as much as possible’. The hairdresser, however, seemed to have other ideas. She took very little off the ends taking off ‘progressively more’ hair as she went up different layers.  The outcome was ‘closer to a mullet’ and very definitely not what the woman asked for.

In a similar situation, another woman went to have her fringe trimmed. She agreed after the hairdresser had started to have the rest of her hair trimmed as well.  The woman was left with ‘bizarre feathery things’ about the face, chunks taken out of the back of the hair and a huge angled ‘thing’ which the hairdresser tried to pass off as ‘trendy layers’.

Bad Hair PictureIn both situations the women were understandably very distressed.  They had simply wanted the hair they loved tidying up and now were faced with a ruined hairstyle because the hairdresser chose not to follow their instructions. Being happy with your hairstyle will naturally make you feel more confident both at work and socially, and experts say this can have positive effects on all aspects of your lifestyle. Equally, the reverse also applies. Having a haircut that is badly done or you dislike can shatter your confidence, turn the most extroverted person into an introvert, ruin your social life and make work a difficult and intimidating place where you become scared to speak up in case you draw attention to yourself. It is upsetting that the cause of all this distress can simply be that a hairdresser ignored your directions and did their own thing.

If you, like these women, believe that your haircut is radically different from your description, wishes or expectations then you may be able to claim compensation towards the cost of any extra haircuts that were needed to remedy the damage and for the embarrassment or humiliation you have had to endure while your haircut was growing out. It is a horrible experience when you can’t be comfortable and confident with the state of your hair. You should not have to suffer for your hairdresser’s lack of customer service and be able to go out in public again with your head held high.

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