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Hairdressing Negligence


Hair PictureHave you been unfortunate enough to suffer from damaged hair or skin to your scalp as a result of negligent treatment at a hairdressers or hair salon?

Whilst there are many reputable hair salons providing excellent hair treatments such as colouring, styling and perm-waving, it is not uncommon to find that many customers are not properly assessed and tested before having receiving their hair treatment.  Many of the products used by salons require certain testing on the skin and on the hair before their use. If this is not done, hair treatment can often result in skin and hair damage as well as allergic reactions, with naturally devastating results.


It may well be that you have suffered from symptoms such as:


Our experienced legal team at Macks Solicitors are able to deal with your claim for compensation for personal injury where you have received negligent treatment from a hair salon. You may have suffered embarrassing symptoms such as those listed above, or in severe cases, suffered bald patches which can often take two years or longer to fully re-grow. In some cases damage to the hair can even be permanent.

Hair PictureIn a recent case, one of our client’s had visited her salon in the weeks leading up to Christmas after having decided to treat herself to what proved to be a rather costly hair colouring. After the first attempt at colouring failed, the hairdresser attempted to remedy the problem by applying bleach to the hair which also came in contact with the scalp. The result was widespread multiple scalp burns with blistering which required medical treatment in addition to further corrective treatment at a different salon. The bleaching and earlier chemical treatment combined to cause widespread diffuse hair shaft breakage which lead to an overall loss of density and former quality of the hair. It took just over two years for this client’s hair to fully re-grow and in the interim period her social and domestic life was severely disrupted particularly in the early stages. This client has now been suitably compensated for her injury and related losses.

We appreciate that when faced with the consequences of hairdressing negligence, financial worries are not your only concern.  Getting your life back to normal is important and so we at Macks Solicitors are here for more than to fight for your financial compensation. We have access to leading medical experts who can help you, such as clinical practitioners in Trichology, who can provide full and detailed medical evidence in support of your claim at no cost to you. This specialist evidence can often highlight the failure by the hairdresser to provide the correct level of service and to accepted industry standards as set out in the National Occupational Standards, for example NVQ Level 2 Unit H13. We believe it is in the added sources of advice, guidance and comfort that we prove ourselves to be working for you.

If you’re thinking about making a compensation claim for hairdresser’s negligence, contact Macks Solicitors by Free phone 0800 980 9386 or 01642 252828, via our website at or complete the online claim form. We are here to offer you the expert legal advice you need to make a compensation claim and get back to your normal lifestyle. If you have suffered from hairdressing negligence, make sure that the consequences are not more lasting than they ought to be.

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